The Bariatric Experience Podcast features people, just like you, that have experienced and are living their best life after surgery. 

We are looking for guests for the podcast that are open to sharing their stories with the intention of helping others who are starting or struggling on their path. 

These stories are meant to provide real-life experiences, challenges and how bariatric surgery has changed your life. 

Whether you had a complication-free experience or lived on the struggle bus for months - we want to share your story!


  • 15 mins for a preliminary planning call

  • 45 mins to record discussion about your career journey

  • Quiet spot & reliable internet connection for our Zoom audio recording

  • Your bio, photo + social links (optional)

  • Consent form allowing use of your voice on-air

  • That’s it!


  1. You complete the 2-step application.

  2. We will review your application and determine if you are a good fit for the show (hint - the more open and detailed application the better)

  3. If your application is accepted, we will send you an email with your 1 hour interview booking options and how the podcast recording works. 

  4. Show up on Zoom for your booked time and spend an hour with Lindsay talking about your journey.

  5. You will then be notified when your episode will air. All episodes have an episode page and will be promoted on all our social media channels.