Get on the road to your new life.

You’ll learn the exact steps to take to move from feeling overwhelmed to thriving in your new life.  Ready to take your bariatric life by the horns? It's time start living the life you set out to live. Let's get on the road...

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From being 288lbs to shedding 145lbs since my VSG surgery, my bariatric journey has been nothing short of a thrilling ride.

But I could have avoided frustrated emotions, crippling self-doubt and unnecessary worry if I had known what and where to focus my energy to continue to move myself forward.  I could have saved so much wasted energy by making simple changes on how to approach my bariatric journey.

When I looked back on my journey and those I have worked with, I was able to identify  FIVE specific stages of growth. Each stage contributed to a leap in development of not just bariatric skills, but also mindset. 


Ready To Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Start Living The Life You've Been Dreaming Of? This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For!

So if you've been dying for someone to give you a map to your success, download The Bariatric Roadmap today! This guide will ensure your bariatric journey gets off to a rockin’ start and stays that way year after year.


  • Where you are in the 5 stages of bariatric growth (it's probably not what you think!)

  • The exact things you need to do to move onto the next stage 

  • Resources to support your new life and help make those dreams become reality.   

  • Step off the bad habit hamster wheel

  • How to make the best choices for YOU - this is YOUR journey after all!

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