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Get started with my 9 Things you need to know before bariatric surgery!

Hi, I'm Lindsay!

I help new bariatric surgery hopefuls and recipients break bad habits, overcome overwhelm and give them with the tools to ensure their long-term success before and after surgery!


Are you constantly thinking...

I know I wanted this but it's harder than I thought?

I'm not losing weight fast enough/I didn't lose enough weight?

Maybe you're feeling...

Unhappy with where you're at in this process?

Like you know you have some bad habits but just can't shake them?

Do you find...

Yourself thinking about what your future will look like but unsure how to crafting a plan around those dreams?

That people are starting to identify that you have more confidence and may even say you've changed? 

(and you're trying to take it as a compliment, even when it doesn't feel that way).

Are you ready to stop existing and start living life but unsure how to get there on your own?

Are you feeling discouraged? Like it's unattainable or you're unsure how to make things happen?

It doesn’t have to be that way, not long ago I was in your shoes, feeling like I had to just face the facts that I was going to be overweight forever and settle for a mediocre life. 


In 2018, I made the decision to change my life. I was at my heaviest weight, miserable in more than the just the scale aspect of my life and I needed a change. 

What I didn't realize was how hard this path would be and one thing became very clear - the more support and clarity on this process that you have, the more successful you will be.

Since 2018 I have coached and mentored others in losing weight and changing their lives through their process.

Photo 2019-10-26, 12 24 36 PM.jpg
Photo 2019-10-26, 12 24 36 PM.jpg



This FREE Guide - The Bariatric Roadmap - will give you a full picture of what your bariatric journey can look like.


Whether you are just starting out (pre-op) or have been traveling this road for awhile (5+ years post op) - you'll find out exactly where you are and the steps to take to get from overwhelmed to overjoyed!

(and it might not be what you think...)



"Lindsay help guide me through my whole WLS process. Her honest approach and full disclosure of the struggles that no one talks about helped me prepare in ways I didn't even know I needed to prepare. Now that I am post-op, she continues to help me through the next steps."


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